MindShade is a female fronted heavy metal band from The Netherlands. With a vocal combination of mezzo-soprano and grunts quickly placed in the typical Dutch gothic metal genre, MindShade creates its own variated style of rock/metal with a twist. With a heavy sound and melancholic lyrics MindShade truly creates a shadow in your thoughts…


As from 2017 Jeroen, Norbert, Eli and Mischa decided to put MindShade to rest. Maybe not permanent but the status for now is ‘on hold’. See the official statement on our homepage.



In May 2014 MindShade self-released their debut album ‘Asylum of the Fallen’. The album contains eight full songs (plus intro/outro), each one telling a tale of one the patients of the mental hospital. Asylum of the Fallen was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2013/2014 at SBL Music Productions and is available in a digipack-version and on iTunes, Spotify etc.


MIndShade played several gigs at venues throughout The Netherlands and shared the stage with bands such as ReVamp, theNAME, Ex Libris, Kowai, and The Gathering.


MindShade started in 2007 as a musical project of friends Jeroen (bass/grunts) and Norbert (guitars) and later that year vocalist Nienke joined in a full line-up. In 2008 MindShade played a few live gigs and worked mainly on their live set and writing material.


In 2009 MindShade recorded a self-titled demo, produced by Andre Borgman (After Forever, Valentine, Hangover Hero). The demo and new live set was received very well by heavy metal magazines and webzines and received some very nice reviews (see below). In 2011 the band was looking for a heavier sound and Eli joined MindShade as second guitarist. Mischa completed the band in 2013 and MindShade started recording their debut album ‘Asylum of the Fallen’, which was released in May 2014.


Jeroen van Noort – bass/grunts
Norbert Veenbrink – guitars
Eli de Kruijf – guitars
Mischa van der Hout – drums

Previous members:

Nienke Verboom – vocals
Barry Scheepers – drums
Marco de Groot – guitars
Bart van Waterschoot – drums


“I think MindShade can hold its own in a already full gothic metal genre. Fans of Within Temptation, Epica and Nightwish should check out this band!” Aardschok.com “These are not just any strong band comparisons. MindShade surely knows what they are doing.” Extreemmetaal.nl “…MindShade’s music can be described as quite melancholic and would be perfect for a nice soundtrack on a rainy Sunday afternoon in autumn.” Lords of Metal.nl “…hopefully we can enjoy this band for a long time. Talent is definitely there. Watch out for MindShade!” Podiuminfo.nl “This demo promises a new, talented band in the world of female fronted metal.” Furyrocks.com “Musically, it’s well constructed with very nice riffs. A nice demo from a good band. Keep it up!” Zwaremetalen.com


Official website: www.mindshade.nl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MindShadeMetal
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mindshade

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