Dear MindShade fans, friends and family,

it has been quiet way too long! So time for an update that is way due.

Basically, we decided to put MindShade to rest. Maybe not permanent but the status for now is ‘on hold’.

As you might know, when Nienke left the band in 2016, we started to focus on new material and finding a new vocalist. Since no live shows were planned at the time, there was no urgency on finding a replacement.

The past year MindShade has become more and more a musical project rather than a metalband with regular shows and new music. The main ‘problem’ however, has always been time. Every day, we are all extremely busy with work, relationships, family etc. That, combined with the fact we live far apart makes getting together on a regular basis to create new music a challenge. We like each other a lot as friends, so we don’t want the lack of time and mutual effort become a thing that gets between us. For now, we collectively decided to put this project on hold.

Maybe we will get together in the future to create new music and become a full band again, who knows?

For now, see you later! Rock on!

Jeroen, Norbert, Eli and Mischa

PS: Yes, it is still possible to order our album Asylum of the Fallen.

[MindShade] A person who will mention obscure and scary knowledge during a conversation… A MindShade is known to cause temporary insanity in those around him/her, using this to get his/her way with people.